Combining art, science, engineering and strategies to create value.

There’s a constant tension between product development and its desire to create new things, operations and its focus on costs and complexities, and sales and marketing with its need to cater to customer needs in expanding the top line and profits.

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By definition, a portfolio is a unique collection of work samples, visions, strategies and other methods that provides an overview of once skills, capabilities, and qualifications, feel free to explore my recent work.

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“Thinking Outside the Box” is a popular phrase used by in corporate boardrooms, academic institutions and brainstorming sessions worldwide.

At its core, thinking outside the box is an invitation – an invitation to challenge the status quo, to go beyond the standard conventions, and to approach obstacles (problems) with a fresh and unconventional perspective. It’s about breaking free from the constraints of traditional thinking and opening up to new possibilities and Ideas.

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